Privacy Policy

Your privacy is always important to us.

Information collected

Navo collects the following information.

  • Name

    - (Optional) Used to personalize the app messages to you. You do NOT have to be your real name.

  • Email Address

    - Used for user authorization, app communication, and subscription management. We do not share your email address with anyone.

  • Phone Number

    - (Optional) Allows team members to share well information to it.

You can delete your account to remove your information.

Your Location

Your location is accessed while using the app to gather your current location and display the distance to away from the well. This is used only to enhance the user experience and is only available if you allow it.

We don't store location information.


Subscriptions are handled through Stripe to securely process credit card transactions. Navo stores only the last 4 digits and brand (Visa, MasterCard, etc.)), which informs you of what card is on file should you continue to have a subscription with us. You can manage your subscription(s) and card on file through the Billing page.

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